Friday, December 2, 2011

Songhai Society B+

Society B+

       The society of the Songhai Empire had a lot of slavery. Slavery was common in many parts of Africa, but in the Songhai Empire they were used for agricultural advancment, paid tribute to master crops and services. The slaves they had few rights, were exposed to harsh punishment, and were taxed more than others.
       The Songhai society was controlled by man, who controlled both marriage and the market place. Women and children were considered a separate part of the community. New people to come to the village had to look for the leader of the village and get permission to live there. When they first got there, most people were welcoming and friendly, but took more time to make friends.
       In the Songhai Empire there was great diversity. Some relied more on military power. Other African societies were stateless. They had little concentration of authority. Songhai and some of the neighbors were imperial states. In the Songhai Empire most of the men and women were treated equally. 

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